About Carter Run Consulting

Carter Run Consulting is a Civil Engineering and Land Development Services Company providing a full line of services to assist clients in the Land Development Process. Being led by a Civil Engineer, we understand the detailed aspects of development and engineering. We can provide initial preliminary development services as well as final construction documents and engineering. All services are provided in a timely manner at fair and competitive rates.

At Carter Run, we are driven by passion. We are passionate about what we do. We will not take a job that we are not passionate about and all jobs are given the care and attention they need regardless of size.

Civil Engineering and Construction Documents

Carter Run provides full Civil Engineering Services including, but not limited to, Commercial Site Plans, Residential Subdivision Plans, Multi-family Residential Site Plans, Roadway Plans, Utility Main Line Plans, Design/Build projects and Rezoning/Special Use Plans. Carter Run is licensed in multiple states and is capable of being licensed in most any state if so needed. We take pride in our plans and presentation, not just from a design perspective, but also from a clarity standpoint. The greatest designs are not effective without clear presentation.

Site Assessment and Due Diligence

Carter Run offers a thorough due diligence service, offering reports that are specific to what the client is intending to do on the property. Additionally, based on due diligence reports done by Carter Run (or others), we are able to give an unbiased assessment of the suitability of a site for a tenants intended purpose.

Document Review

Carter Run personnel have broad experience with all the various documents and agreements pertaining to land development. We are able to review all documents from an engineering and development perspective. This includes, but is not limited to, work letters, development agreements, letters of intent, easements, deeds and contracts.

Concept Plans and Sketches

Carter Run can prepare all level of concept plans, from a quick fit sketch to a fully detailed and tenant specific REC (Real Estate Committee) plan. Having worked with various national tenants, we understand the rigors that are placed upon the developer in order to close a deal.

Rezoning and Special Use Permits

Carter Run offers a full compliment of zoning services, including zoning review, special use permits and rezoning applications. We can prepare the plans and coordinate with other sub-consultants for needed reports and studies. Carter Run can also submit, process and receive these permits and applications. In more complex cases, Carter Run will recommend an appropriate Land Use Attorney to assist in these approvals and then assist the Land Use Attorney in these efforts.

Conceptual and Preliminary Engineering

Carter Run has the personnel, qualifications and experience to do all conceptual and preliminary engineering for any land development project. Not only will this be done at a more effective rate than at a large engineering firm, it will be done from the perspective of the developer. We will make sure that we are meeting the requirements and vision of the client, while making decisions that will save money during construction. We make full use of Civil 3D for grading and surfaces, allowing quick changes and volume take-off calculations.


Darrin Smith is the founder and operator of Carter Run Consulting. He has been licensed as a Civil Engineer for over 20 years. He has worked all across the United States doing Civil Engineering and Land Development. He is currently licensed in several states in the Mid-Atlantic region as well as numerous states in the West.

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