About Carter Run Technology

Carter Run Technology is a web development company specifically targeting database enabled applications. The core of the business is centered around the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) technology. The company currently has several web applications under development that will be ready for deployment soon. More information on these applications can be found under the left column below. In addition, Carter Run Technology offers custom programming and computer services geared towards helping companies with not only their backend technology, but also their web presence..


CPM - Complete Project Management

Under Construction

The Complete Project Management (CPM) application is a large scale web program intended for service oriented companies. CPM provides all the aspects necessary for project management in a service oriented firm, including time tracking, project setup, contact management, billing, accounts receivable, vendor invoices, project tracking, budget tracking, proposal and estimates to name several. With our web deployment, this would be accessible from anywhere with internet service and main stream web browser, making it easy to set up across offices and allow employees to access it from anywhere without downloading any additional software. In addition, not only are the interface, print outs and reports highly customizable, the program would allow custom modules to be developed either by others or by Carter Run, to allow for additional customization to fit any need.